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md sekender alam Title:Tempered glass Datetime:2008-10-07 13:46:55
I need Tempered door glass. Please send me quotation
銷售公司電話:0771-4831152  0771-4836248 加工玻璃公司電話:(0771)4813129   2008-11-06 15:54:18

Graham byrnes Title:Managing Director Datetime:2008-09-12 23:01:42
Could you please quote for mixed container 6mm & 10mm Float Glass FIC To Fremantle Western Australia if possible.Thank You.
銷售公司電話:0771-4831152  0771-4836248 加工玻璃公司電話:(0771)4813129   2008-11-06 15:54:31

Nguyen van Ngoan Title:Float Glass Datetime:2008-08-28 16:57:31
Dear Ms Lin, My factory is tempered glass`factory.So we would like to buy the float glass from your company. Can you do it? Thanks

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