MASTER BEVEL 2300 Introduced from abroad
MASTER GROOVE 1500 controlled by computer can automatically engrave
193T Automatic Straight –line Edging Machine
CR/1111 Straight Line Flat Edging Machine
352/BCS Automatic Shape Cutting Machine
SB/10 Shape Glass Grinding Machine
VT-1250 Single–head Semi- automatic Drilling Machine

  Processed glass
We have bending glass furnace made by ourselves and equipments of making mirror and sand-blasting glass. After investigated on international market, we imported advanced cutting, edging and engraving machines in 1999. We can process glass in various shapes which thickness is from 3mm to 19mm. Our modern, delicate, unique glass furniture and other processed products will lead you enter a wonderful glass world.

2005 @ Nanning Plate Glass Co.,Ltd.


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